Argosy Dance

The mission and goal of Argosy Dance, of Bar Harbor, Maine, is to educate and support the full experience of social partner dancing for residents as well as visitors to Acadia and Downeast Maine.   Social dance has an established and deep history on Mount Desert Island and the surrounding area, and offers a wonderful complement to our scenic beauty and outdoor activities.

How is Argosy Dance different from other schools?  Many studios and instructors focus on steps and sequences, aiming primarily for an attractive appearance and entertainment for audiences and judges in performances and competitions (indeed, we enjoy and train in this artistic aspect of dancing ourselves.)  However, our real passion is for helping people reach the joyful creativity and spontaneity that dancing can provide, when truly communicating with a partner rather than just dancing nearby and at the same time.  Conventional training often leaves even accomplished dancers with a sense of constraint and limitation due to their being able to follow mainly pre-arranged sequences and routines.  Further, it is quite common to find that people can dance easily only with their usual instructor or partner.  Ladies almost always enjoy dancing with gentlemen who lead clearly and confidently (commenting from time to time on the relative scarcity of such partners.)  Men, on the other hand, sometimes report feeling unsure of themselves (wondering if a missed lead is totally their responsibility, or whether the woman needs to have learned the same patterns.)  Our different approach to teaching and learning avoids these obstacles from the beginning and remediates previously formed limitations.

Argosy Dance offers private lessons and group classes designed to build and enhance both men’s and women’s fundamental partner communication skills and their resulting enjoyment of social dancing.  All of the usual ballroom, latin, swing, etc., dances are taught. Singles as well as couples are most welcome, as everyone rotates partners frequently.  We can also assist in making any dance occasion more participatory and fun.  The owners of Argosy Dance originally met at a dance, and 45 years later are still learning, dancing and enjoying sharing their enthusiasm with others.

Please call or email for more information, to make suggestions and requests, or to register.  (Payments are accepted by cash, check, credit card.)  Check back often as this web site and the offerings of Argosy Dance are updated regularly.  We hope to see you dancing!

Argosy Dance

PO Box 200
Bar Harbor, ME 04609


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