Argosy Dance

Workshops and Camps

Full-Day Dance WITH Your Partner © (although no partner is required) Workshops (usually Saturdays), in which we typically focus on one dance per day.  After three 90-minute training sessions followed by a voluntary pot-luck dinner break, a 90-minute open dance is held, with mixed recorded music (welcoming requests) covering many styles but emphasizing the dance(s) featured earlier in the day.  In the three training sessions, a series of standard dance elements and sequences are introduced or reviewed.  Then (and this is the gist of our unique approach), emphasis is placed on the branch points (options) where leaders signal and initiate different figures, and followers receive these signals and respond instantly and appropriately.  Several branch points are explored and practiced each workshop day, and all participants rotate partners frequently for practice (and feedback) in communicating and dancing together.  Such training leads to greater skill and enjoyment in social dancing for both women and men, with regular or changing partners, and is worthwhile even for competitors or performers.  Other teachers are welcome to propose, or will occasionally be invited to present, cooperative workshops.  Cost is $50/person for the entire day, payable on registration at the door, or $45/person if registering and paying no later than the day before the workshop.  The Pot-Luck dinner and dance only is $10/person.

These workshops typically take place at the Neighborhood House, 1 Kimball Road, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662, on Saturdays from Noon to 6 PM, with Pot-Luck dinner from 6-7:30 PM and open dancing from 7:30-9:30 PM.  Dancers not taking part in the Noon - 6 PM workshop are invited to come later for the Pot-Luck and Dance, as the Neighborhood House is one of Maine's nicest dance floors and facilities.  Please email or call to register in advance, if possible.  Singles as well as couples are most welcome, as everyone is invited (but not required) to rotate partners frequently.  Workshops this winter will be held on January 26 , March 23 and May 11, 2013.  Please feel free to request one or more dance(s) on which you would like a workshop to focus.

January 26, 2013.  A medley of Waltz - Take your Waltz (the Granddaddy of social dances) to a new level!  The three instructional segments planned will focus on a. Navigating the dance floor freely using traditional closed boxes and half-boxes, b. Adding elements from International Waltz for additional options, style and fun, and c. Picking up the pace with Viennese Waltz.

March 23, 2013.  A diversity of Cha-Cha (a fun and up-pace Latin dance)!  The three instructional segments planned will focus on a. Cha-Cha timing and fundamentals using side-to-side and progressive basic steps, and combinations of these, b. Elements of International Cha-Cha for additional options, style and fun, and c. Some showier figures using syncopations and stops.

May 11, 2013.  Meet the Bolero (an elegant and slower-paced Latin dance that can be used with many Rumba tunes)!  The three instructional segments planned will focus on a. Bolero fundamentals incorporating many of your other Latin elements, b. A variety of passes and exits, and c. Some showier rotating figures.

Comments on previous workshops include "I so enjoyed our afternoon of dancing - the instruction, the dinner, my fellow dancers", "I had a ball (no pun intended) and really enjoyed meeting so many interesting folks" and "Thank you so much.  I had a really good time, learned a lot and also much enjoyed getting to know the other people who share a love of dancing. I will definitely come to your next workshop."

Week-Long Adult Dance Camps, for beginning or experienced dancers, similar in design to the full-day workshops described above, but focusing on different dances each day and taking place over an entire week.  Time is reserved each day for non-dance activities during the afternoon in our unique outdoor environment, or for optional private lessons (at additional cost) as desired.  These week-long events make wonderful centerpieces for different, rewarding and enjoyable vacations in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, and provide new friendships and skills to take home in addition to the usual photographs and memories.  The cost is $250 per person for the group dance component of the week, which must be paid in advance when registering.  Participants are strongly encouraged to organize attending with a partner or individual who will concentrate on the opposite dance role (i.e. leaders and followers), as we aim to have approximately equal representation of each on the floor, and unaccompanied individuals will only be accepted in such numbers as balance can be maintained.  Please email or call to inquire or register for these events:

- An Introductory Adult Dance Camp will take place at the historic Hulls Cove Schoolhouse at 6 Neighborhood Road, Hulls Cove, ME 04644, probably in June, 2013, and

- An Intermediate Adult Dance Camp will take place, also at the historic Hulls Cove Schoolhouse, probably in October, 2013 (around the time of the famous Bar Harbor Marathon, and at average peak foliage season for coastal Downeast Maine.)

Special rates for accommodation have been arranged for these Dance Camps with a number of fine Bar Harbor establishments. Participants should contact these (or other) lodgings on their own, but citing and asking for the pre-arranged rates for the Argosy Dance Camps at:

- Two wonderful Bed and Breakfast (B&B) establishments, Cleftstone Manor,, 207-288-5357 or 888-288-4951, and Anne's White Columns Inn,, 207-288-5357 or 800-321-6379.

- A premier-quality hotel, the Bluenose Inn,, 207-288-3348 or 800-445-4077.

- A more economical hotel, the Wonder View Inn and Suites,, 888-439-8439.

(Additional options are also available through the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce web site:
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